Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I need more weekends.

I'll bet Senator Obama has a plan for that, he is going to solve all our other problems, more weekends should be child's play for him.

I know it seems like every weekend there is always something going on, an event, a birthday party, a fence building party, a family picnic, but May is booked solid and June isn't shaping up much better.

This Saturday, the 10th is the Yolo County Cattlemen and Wool Growers spring picnic. I know our secretary may kill me, but if you want to join in on the fun, drop me an email asap (yolo_cowboy[at]yahoo.com). RVSPs were supposed to be in last week, but I should be able to get you in. I will be cooking the tri-tip over almond wood and we always have a good time.

The following weekend is the Civil War Reenactment at Gibson Ranch in Elverta. Our family will be there and the weather should be great.

The weekend of the 24th and 25th is Memorial Day weekend, I'm still not sure what we are doing, but it will be a busy time for us. Our daughter's birthday is close to that weekend, so I am sure our house will be invaded by screaming 8 year old girls. (do they make any other kind?)

June? I don't even want to talk about June. The end of June will be our 20th wedding anniversary. My wife doesn't like to travel all that much, but I am sure we will do something.

Somewhere in all those weekends I still need to finish my fences, get my Jeep running, work my cows and about eight hundred other things. I need more weekends in my months.

If you have seen a plan by Senator Obama that will address this, let me know. He can do anything, just ask his supporters.


Esparto Dirt Farmer said...

Hi Walt, Brent Stephens on Rd86A, read your may22nd article on Obama, really enjoyed it, didnt realize how good of a writer you are, so keep up the good work!!, really enjoyed your blog as well, funny how much we think alike and how much we have in common, Well take care, we should get together for a BBQ one of these evenings?

Yolo Cowboy said...

Thanks Brent, if we didn't have the slough between us, I could ride over on my quad. Let me know when and where, I am always up for a good BBQ!

Thanks again.