Saturday, January 07, 2006

Can you imagine what NOW would say to this?

In a story that dovetails into Mark Stein's remarkable piece, Japan's PM suggests that Japanese women start pushing out babies at a rapid rate.

Women are told to have a litter in Year of Dog. In a sign of rising despair over the countrys dwindling birth rate, the Prime Minister of Japan has suggested that his people should take their cue from the canine world and breed larger litters of offspring in the Year of the Dog. Junichiro Koizumis unexpected "do as dogs do" advice arose during his new year press conference.

I wonder if the feminists will stop buy Toyotas and Nissans in protest?

Give up feeling a moral superiority driving my Prius? No way.

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Intellectual Insurgent said...

About a year ago in Australia, the government offered each woman $1,500 (or somewhere in that ballpark) for each baby she had and the prime minister declared that it was each woman's patriotic duty to do her part in increasing the nation's dwindling population.

Forget NOW. The fact that those governments ask for increased childbirth instead of allowing immigration from overpopulated countries speaks volumes about their racist cultures (both Japan and Australia are notorious for their xenophobia).