Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Ringer

I must admit that in my teenage years, I would have wanted to see a movie like "The Ringer". With this in mind I reluctantly agreed to take my son. Today the rain has been steady, the past 10 days have been very similar and as much as you love your children, being cooped up in a house with them for almost a week can test the limits of your sanity. So grabbing the rain gear we headed out.

Jonny Knoxville plays the lead in this film of a down on his luck guy who needs some fast cash to right a wrong. Along with his degenerate uncle they come up with a plan to bet on the Special Olympics and have Knoxville compete at 'Jeffy Daumor'. The 'special' athletes find out he is not so 'special' but want him to stay and beat the favorite. The favorite is the three time champion "Jimmy", think of him as the Terrell owens of the Special Olympics. He is cocky and has a posse that caters to his every whim.

I won't blow the ending, but I give the movie two stars. My son rates it as four stars. Maybe I am too old for this kind of humor, although the 'ice cream' scene was funny, just wait for the DVD.

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Tex said...

I'm sure it follows the same path Southpark did on their spoof of the special olympics. Still, please send some rain over this way. There is a looming haze of smoke in the air and it is quite irritating. Grassfires are everywhere and it's all those smokers throwing their butts out the windows on the highways causing it too. Pray for rain in TX.