Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cat people suck.

I'm sorry to offend any cat people out there, but you people are nuts. I must state at this time that I do make a distinction between cat owners and cat people. I own two cats, or they own me, or however that works. Mueller, who is two years old spends most of his time outside and will come in to eat and sleep and do whatever fills a cat's day, but I would consider him an outside cat. Bob is a three month old kitten. Bob is, at this stage in his life an inside cat. When he sees the door open he looks out and looks up at you as to say, yea that's nice, now close the door you're letting all the heat out. Bob does not see the joy in the great outdoors. Mueller is neutered and Bob will be getting a trim of the private parts soon. I try to be a responsible pet owner, but this story brings out the victim mentality of cat people.

A US cat owner, frustrated that officials couldn't prove a neighbor's dog had killed her pet, took a cue from television legal dramas and used DNA evidence to pursue the case herself.

A lab that analysed the DNA concluded that the dog was linked to the cat's death, but officials said they still couldn't make a case because there were no witnesses.

After discovering her cat Cody dead under a tree in front of her home in Leesburg, Virginia, in August, Marylin Christian came to suspect Lucky, a German shepherd mix belonging to neighbours Sean and Janet Daryabeygi.

After authorities said they could do nothing because they needed a witness, Christian went to the Daryabeygis, who gave her samples of Lucky's saliva and fur.

I am surprised they don't have a quote from her stating that cats have the 'right' to walk around the neighborhood without the threat of being eaten. Wrong lady.

Dogs eat cats, not all dogs, but if you hooked them up to a thought reading machine 90% would say " If my owner left for two weeks and I could think up a good alibi, that cat is toast" If my cat gets eaten by the neighbors dog, tough luck for the cat. If you want to keep your cat safe, keep him indoors. If not, don't be surprised if nature takes its course.


Ralph said...

You sound like a cat person to me, COwboy.

Yolo Cowboy said...

Ralph, I am am giving you a timeout.
Bad blogger, bad blogger.

Anonymous said...

Well, my wife is a cat person, YC -- and she agrees with you about keeping them inside, so...

Tex said...

Cats are deceptively clever, don't let them fool you. Our cat would go next door to the guy who was raising chickens for cock-fighting and snack on one or two, two to three times a week. After about two years of him never finding the culprit, he assumed it was his dog eating his prize chickens and that dog met an untimely demise. And yet, the chickens kept diasppearing. I don't think he ever figured it out. So, my advice to you is, Don't piss off a cat.

AngryReptileKeeper said...
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AngryReptileKeeper said...

Indeed, you should keep your cats inside. People who let their cats out are irresponsible.

Cats kill local wildlife. I cannot condone this. I live in an area where cats seem to abound, and I'm sick of catching the little monsters stalking and mauling birds and squirrels.

I don't think any pet should be allowed to roam free. For nature's sake and the animal's sake.

Domestic animals that are allowed to run wild are pests and public health/safety hazards and should be dealt with accordingly.

paulgregorykennedy said...

My next dor neighbors have two or three cats and insist on letting them wander free - usually to our backyard where scores of birds and some chipmunks feed on the seed and nuts we place all over to attract them for our viewing enjoyment. The birds and chipmunks are regularly slaughtered and their corpses left uneaten for me to discover - it sickens me. I have asked at least fifty times that they keep control of these uselessly predatory pests but to no avail. I have borrowed my brother in laws animal trap and will begin to trap these cats and drive them maybe thirty miles away into the open farmland and will take care of them that way. Cats do nothing for me except annoy me.