Friday, September 12, 2008

Biden preps for the Vice Presidential debate.....

Okay, first thing Joe, you're going to have to act a little more real, more down to earth, can we loose the engraved cuff links and just go with a plain white shirt?

Ahh, do I have to? I just had these custom made, the guy at the jewelry store said they made me look very sophisticated.

We don't need need sophisticated Joe, we need regular American, Joe Six Pack. Get it?

Gotcha, kinda like when I go to those pancake breakfasts out in Iowa, or those photo shoots at the Philly Cheesecake places, man those things are messy and they have to be a foot long!

Cheese steaks Joe. They are called cheese steaks! C'mon Joe, we gotta win Pennsylvania or the whole thing is over.

Right, right, let me see if I got it; regular guy, six packs, cheese steaks. Won't this make me fat? I mean I do have one or two suits that are cut a bit large around the.....

Dammit Joe, we are loosing to a moose shooting, hockey mom! You better get your poop in pile or she is going to mop the floor with you!

Yea, yea...right...... she is kinda hot don't you think? I mean in that 'naughty librarian' kind of way....

C'mon Joe, get serious. She isn't just some dumb woman you are going to be debating , she's smart and a damn sight tougher than you are. What are you going to do if she asks you a question you can't answer? What are you going to do then?

I am going to turn to her, and hold my hand kinda like this. It makes me look sorta like moose right? She will look at me and think, where did the moose come from, am I back in Alaska? It will really throw her off her game I think.....

Is there a chance I can get a double shot of Wild Turkey on the rocks? Anybody?

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