Saturday, September 06, 2008

Getting down with the Vikings, Palin style

I have been to the 'Oakie Stomps' they used to hold in Madison.
I have been to the Willow Oak Fire department's sausage feed.
I have been to the Bullshippers dinner at Red Bluff.
I have been to Dutton's deer camp.
However, I never dressed up as a viking and had a mug of grog. (not that I know of anyway, I used to do some pretty stupid things in my drinking days)

Looking at the photos, I want to book a flight for next year's Little Norway Festival in Petersburg Alaska.
If it's good enough for Sarah Palin, its good enough for me, although I will not be partaking in the grog these days.

My friend Dan says he has a photo of me with a big bottle of Jack Daniels wearing a plastic viking hat, I have offered to purchase the picture, he says he waiting for me to run for office.

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Ryan McFarland said...

Little Norway Festival is a hoot - even if you skip the mead!