Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For lack of a better word, this sucks.

I hope the votes cast today by Supervisors Matt Rexroad, Mike McGowan and Helen Thomson are put on a sign like this, right in front of the prison. Like a NASCAR billboard. Speaking of NASCAR, if you are going to take their money, you need to put your sponsor's name on your suit.

I hope this is not the last word on prison, but I am not holding my breath.

Hey guys, why not ask the Feds is they need a place to store the spent nuclear fuel? I hear Rumsey has only 50 voters up there, they won't make much of fight. This could add up to billions if you play your cards right.


Joe D said...

Funny, we are already working on this...yolocowboy, didn't we discuss 15'x15'? is cashola green?

Joe D said...

Time to get out your guitar. Start at 211 College Street Woodland CA!

Melissa J said...

Please add Yamada to the list of "thanks to" because abstaining is a yes vote in coward's clothing.