Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And now some fresh pickings from the Yolo County Grapevine

Welcome back, this is when we would usually get to our panel of Fox News all-stars but Fred and Mort are off today and I couldn't take another minute of Bill Kristol or Maura Liason's whining little voices, so that leaves Fox News contributor and correspondent for Nation Public Radio, Juan Williams.

Thanks Britt.

Hey Britt, I'm here.

Please be quiet Bill.

But Britt, I wan..


So Juan, I have always wanted to ask you, what exactly do you do over at NPR?

I host a radio show called political insider.

Does anyone listen?

Sure they do, I mean its heard in all the coffee houses and faculty lounges across America Britt.

You know Juan, I was wondering, why is it that the lefties on the panel both work for NPR.

C'mon Britt, we are not all that left of center, sure we are more progressive than you, Bill or Fred, but I don't think that has anything to do with being on NPR.

Hi Juan.

Zip it Kristol.

What about Mort, he is a Democrat, he doesn't work for NPR.

I know, but we put Mort on because he is what the Democratic party used to stand for. He is still wrong most of the time, but at least he is not part of the hate American first crowd in the fever swamp of the left.

Are you saying that I am part of this fever swamp Britt?

Oh please Juan, you should be fitted with a tin-foil hat so the Republican brain control waves don't effect you.

That is not fair Britt, I didn't slam you when your buddy 'Shotgun Dick' came on your show because he knows you like him.

Did you see that interview Juan? It was very direct and thorough, I didn't just lob softballs at him.

Maybe you should have thrown a dove at him.

That funny Juan, very funny. Lets get back to you radio show. How do you compare to Rush or Laura Ingram as far as ratings.?

At NPR we don't think about ratings, we try to put out a good product and we hope the people like it for what it is.

What if its a piece of crap?

Well it might seem like crap to you, but we are trying to reach a broad audience, so we try to have shows that reflect the diversity of America. We don't try to compete with Rush.

Its a good thing. All you swampers would be standing in an unemployment line if you had to compete for an audience, just ask Al Franken.

We are trying to reach all of America Britt, not just the right wingers, Klan members and hate mongers in the Republican party.

I know Juan, but how many lesbian, alpaca wool growers are there in America?

I don't know, but they will find a show on NPR that speaks to them.

I'm sure they will Juan. That's all the time we have today. For Juan Williams, I'm Britt Hume, so long.

What about me?

Shut up Bill!

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fetching jen said...

You bet I scrolled all the way down! Very good Yolo Cowboy.