Friday, April 14, 2006

Broken Strings and toe nails.

Teenage sons. Why is it that guitarists around the planet can play for months and even years with the same strings and my son breaks one a month?

He seems to have the teenage wisdom that louder is always better. I wonder if I made him clean my toenails or wash the cats every time he broke a string, if that would cure the problem. I have to pay for replacing them, they are sold in sets so if you know anyone who would like three sets of new strings for an electric guitar, minus the #9 E string, let me know.

Tonight he has just announced he broke the string on my acoustic guitar. I think the toenail thing is now in play.


threecollie said...

It is always the "E" string.
They used to sell them singly around here, but maybe they don't any more. I never buy them any more as my brother buys me a set every year. He can't stand listening to dead strings. I don't mind them as they help mask my lack of talent.

Erik said...

To reduce string breakage: Try a higher gauge string. AND/OR a lighter pick.

To reduce volume: Buy your son some effects pedals with the understanding he will not play over an agreed upon volume level.