Sunday, April 02, 2006

Suffering from a moral imbecility.

A great piecee by Ian Robinson on the peace activists in Iraq. Read the whole story.
"As peacemakers who hold firm to our commitment to non-violence, we are also deeply grateful that they fired no shots to free our colleagues," their press release said.

What would the hostages have done if shots had been fired? Voluntarily returned to captivity?

If ever a group wasn't worth the effort and risk to free them, it's these guys.

NOTE TO CHRISTIAN PEACEMAKER TEAMS: For the love of the God you claim to follow, hire a public relations consultant.

Otherwise, the next freed hostage of yours might turn up and say what James Loney did, that: "After this, I'm going to disappear for a little while into a different kind of abyss -- an abyss of love."

An abyss of love. Loney, you silver-tongued devil, you
I wonder if the murdered American in that group would have supported the use of force to keep himself from being tortured, shot and dumped in the street?

I'll bet if you gave him an option he would have traded all the kidnappers lives for his. Self preservation is a very powerful instinct.

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I came across your wondeful blog in the comments on Karbon Kounty Moos. Delightful, insightful and well worth a read.