Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dear Senator Frist; Stop running for President.

I would like to follow around Senator Bill Frist for a week to hang around his staffers and advisors. I want to know what parallel universe they live in. In that universe the American public must want an open border and blanket amnesty for anyone who can walk, crawl, fly or swim to our soil. I can only conclude that the problem lies with Mr. Frist's egotistical delusion that he can become our next President. The thought of putting up his wingtips on the desk in the oval office must be driving the Senate majority leader into the mistaken belief that a compromise deal with Teddy Kennedy is what red state voters want.

Frist is without a doubt a hard working, cordial man . While these traits may be admirable in a politician, he lacks one critical component to be effective leader. Courage.

Many would say that Mr. Frists needs to 'grow a pair', but I think that may be off the mark. Anyone can be an aggressive, outspoken ideologue, see Howard Dean and Dick Durbin. Political courage is not siding with your opponent against your base. It is much easier to go back your base and ask for forgiveness, they like you. The courage I speak of is the kind that enables you to look into someone's eyes and ask "are you out of your cotton pickin mind? The American people did not send me here to do this".

There may be another explanation. I wonder if there are still lead pipes in the plumbing in the Senate? That would explain a lot. There is evidence of lead poisoning in Roman emperors, it lead to insanity. There could be a correlation, the longer you serve in the Senate the further removed from reality you become.

So I guess I have three possible souces for the Senate's compromise deal on immigration. One being the parallel universe theory, the second is Presidential ambitions and the third is lead in the drinking water.

I'll take door number two Bob. What did I win?
Amnesty and an imaginary fence. Lets try again folks.


Erik said...

Frist is the Republican's Kerry

a. He's been in Congress long enough to have past positions/"flip-flopping" come back to bite him
b. He's not at all charismatic
c. He always sounds like he's promogulating a speech, and hardly ever speaking

Erik said...

PS -

"There could be a correlation, the longer you serve in the Senate the further removed from reality you become."

There is a positive correlation between how long a representative has served and how likely they are to vote the party line. Don't have a link, but believe I read it in the Atlantic.