Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh boy, are you folks in trouble now.

I am now, as I speak, er type, using my new SBC Yahoo DSL high speed internet connection.

You can only imagine the excitement of answering the freaking telephone while using the internet. No more waiting 45 minutes for some stupid joke video email from my wife's uncle to download. Now it takes one minute for it to download before I delete it.

I can now search for interesting stories and news even faster.

Ooh, ooh, give us an example you say.
How about this?

This is the all new, Iranian made Samand, they will also be made by the peasants, I mean citizens living in freedom and prosperity in Venezuela.
"Samand has the most modern systems of safety and comfort, including seat belts for all passengers, central lock, powered window winders, air conditioner, radio cassette player, left and right wing mirrors adjustable from the interior, etc.

The national car, designed by Iranian and foreign consultants, with a 1761 cm3 engine, is a completely modern automobile with high safety standards, front axle, numerous accessories, and a newly-designed body."
Did you hear that, it come with a front axle! Dang them Persians can build em'.

I wonder, if you buy enough CITCO gas from Hugo, do you get a free Samand?

Oh well, it's late and after my one hour self-installation experience, I need some sleep.

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