Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mark your calenders folks

November 3rd is only 6 weeks away and we all know how fast our schedules get filled with all kinds of things, family, church, sports, we can find ourself with little free time in a hurry. What is going in Yolo County on November 3rd that deserves my attention you might ask?

It the Yolo County Cattleman's and Wool Growers Association's annual fall dinner-dance. We hold a few events every year, our spring members BBQ, our fall informational tour and my favorite, the fall dinner dance.

The dinner is a rib-eye steak with all the trimmings, hey were talking cattle ranchers here, what did you think we would serve, chicken? When dinner winds down we have a raffle of donated prizes from our supporters and members. There are definitely some great items you could walk away with, artwork, wine baskets, gift certificates and such. When the raffle is over and the new directors have been announced its social hour, or hours in this case.

Its a great chance to meet with new people, touch base with old friends and have a great time. I'll just let you know up front the the dancing part has been declining the past few years and I would like to see that change. Some of the younger kids will get out there and dance and if your standing too close to the dance floor you might get dragged out there. What can I say, we have a few characters in our association. I am one of them.

If you want tickets, email me at "info'at'yccwga'dot'com" I'll get an invitation sent out pronto.
We would like to have a head count by October 20th so we are bumping the price to those who do not RSVP by that date.

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