Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Does it take one to know one?

It seems that CNN doesn't want just anyone discussing the Spitzer prostitution scandal. A former US attorney, Kendall Coffey was brought on to lend some insight into the possible criminal charges that could be brought against Spitzer and his analysis was pretty straight forward. Except.

Kendall Coffey had to resign his US attorney post after a story surfaced about his biting a topless dancer in a delicate place as he ran up a $900 tab at the gentleman's club. Hey, the guy had just lost a tough case in court and was probably blowing of steam. He should have bought a punching bag and set it up the basement, it would have been much cheaper. How exactly do you spend $900 at a strip club, never mind, I retract that.

CNN does have a big list of experts, although they say they made a mistake inviting Coffey on the air to comment on the scandal. Why?

If you they ever find a television sports announcer dressed in women's clothes, bitting a hooker in the butt, I hope they bring on Marv Alpert for analysis. If the next President of the United States gets caught with his pants around his ankles in the oval office with an intern, I know the perfect guy who is experienced in that field.

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