Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This is going to be fun to watch

Could this be the night? Could this be the night the water flows over the bulkheads on the 'E' deck, dooming the Titanic? Could it?

I was going to start in on a list of movie plot lines that culminate in disaster, but the next movie was Dracula, and the stake through the heart reference seems a bit out of line.

I have never liked Hillary Clinton, either as a person or politician. That is pretty hard for me to say because politics is a contact sport and you need to throw a few elbows if your going to get the ball, but Hillary and Bill are the Tonya Harding of politics. No holds barred no rules, no class.

There will always be a few rabid groups on each side who go way over the line, MoveOn and Code Pink on the left and Pat Robertson and his ilk on the right, but the Clinton machine complete with the 'bimbo eruption' team is a dynasty when it comes to playing dirty politics.

Karl Rove plays to win and will twist a few arm until they yell uncle, but Clinton Inc. will publicly ruin a person's life, or several, who have damaging stories to tell about the Clintons. Their path to office is strewn with ruined lives of political enemies, business partners, former friends and of course, Bill's lady acquaintances.

So will it be tonight? I don't know. I still think Barack Obama is a formidable candidate, but he just might have a lot of explaining to do when it comes to how he was able to buy his mansion. Hillary may just stick around and see if the smoke coming from Chicago has a few flames attached to it.

Wouldn't that be great? Barack goes on to win the nomination, Rezcogate actually gets some real media coverage and he is told to give up the nomination for the good of the party and with that deal, he secures DNC backing to keep his seat in the Senate, and Hillary gets the nomination.

Hey, stranger things have happened.

I love politics.
UPDATE Hillary wins the Buckeye State and Texas.

The pumps seem to be keeping up with water, she might just stay afloat. The SS Hillary may make it to port after all.

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