Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Services in Woodland California

Easter is a great time of year to be living in Yolo County. Today was the first day I put on sunscreen and the first time I felt hot as I put new heads on my backyard sprinkler system. The grass in the yard and on the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge is growing lush and tall. Everywhere you look, you are awash in a sea of green.

For Christians, its the most important day of the year. It is the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. To me, the eggs and bunny's are fine for the kids, although some folks will be offended that people are not celebrating the day as God has intended, with strict adherence to religious traditions and reverence, and I do see their point, but that's not the kind of church I belong to. On the other hand, there are many non Christians who are offended that all of us 'religious fanatics' are spoiling their secular, pagan, springtime ritual. Hey you can't win, but you can smile and say, Jesus loves you, and I'm trying.

At our last Sunday service Ted, who gives our 'news you can use' before we adjourn, said that if you have a tradition of putting on a fancy new Easter dress on your girls and a tie on the boys, go ahead and dress them up, take their picture, and then put them into their regular clothes and bring them to church because we are going to have fun at Bayside's Easter services. The kids have a great time every week, Darin our children's pastor is funny as can be, and the staff in children's ministries really have a heart for service.

If you're new to Woodland or you know you probably should go to church on Easter Sunday but don't have attend a church regularly, please come to one of our services. I promise the whole family will have fun, the music will be upbeat and contemporary, and the message will be thoughtful and inspiring. You will probably see me at the door this Sunday, it our small group's turn to greet and usher.

I won't be wearing my hat, but you should be able to spot me!

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