Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Cow power, I like the name, I like the concept. PG&E is recovering methane from manure holding ponds and converting it to natural gas.
PG&E customers will now be able to get natural gas from cow manure for the first time.
In a ceremony at Vintage Dairy, a 1,700-acre dairy farm in Riverdale, not far from Fresno, officials from the utility, the state's Department of Food and Agriculture and the Energy Commission joined David Albers of BioEnergy Solutions Tuesday to turn a valve that will send the first of 3 billion cubic feet of natural gas a year into a pipeline.

That's enough gas to create electricity for 50,000 California homes, and comes from 5,000 cows.

The potential for turning waste to energy is vast. "There are nearly 2 million dairy cows in California," said Jennifer Zerwer, a PG&E spokeswoman.

PG&E calls it "cow power," capturing methane released from covered lagoons of cow manure and sending the natural gas into pipelines where it'll be burned to generate electricity. It's all part of a state-mandated push to get more energy from renewable sources.

I'll bet the environmentalist will be freaked out by it. Methane from cows is killing the planet, just ask the environmental fanatics. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by the professional alarmists in the environmental movement who claim America is killing the planet and we all need to do something to stop it, one wonders if they will get behind this, clean, green and abundant source of domestic energy?

In Davis its easy to find a bumper sticker on the back of a Prius telling the world "NO BLOOD FOR OIL", I wonder if we will see this bumper sticker "COW POOP FOR PEACE" or "YOU CAN'T GO GREENER THAN COW POO" or "COWS, SAVING THE PLANET ONE COWPIE AT A TIME".

I doubt it, but who knows, one day I could be a methane millionaire.

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