Thursday, December 04, 2008

Light blogging

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, I have had meeting every night this week. Thankfully, most of my meetings every month are front loaded, the first Monday and the first Thursday, but then I have weekly meetings. I need another date on my calendar like I need another cat.

I have been letting the most recent political events pass without comment, mainly because I was going through a political hangover for the past month. Well, it has been one month since the election and I guess it's time to get back in the mix. Some observations;

President elect Obama has not been sworn in yet, but he does have a nifty "President Elect" seal and podium.

The media is still giggly about the Obama win. Have you noticed when he announced his financial team, the media hailed the almost 500 point jump in the market as its confidence in Obama's leadership? A few days later, the market tanks, and it's President Bush's fault. Nice.

Will the independent journalist formerly known as Chris Mathews run for Senator of Pennsylvania?

How much money will the government borrow to throw at the economic crisis? Trillions? I fear the answer is yes.

Why won't the evening news anchors broadcast live from Iraq right now? Maybe Americans winning the war doesn't pull in enough ratings? It's amazing how American military victory isn't news worthy.

What is going to happen with India and Pakistan? If those two nuclear powers get into a shooting war, it will make Iraq look like a taffy pull. Scary, scary stuff.

Will my father-in-law's Corvette become a collector's item if GM goes under?

Will the Big Three auto makers become the big one? Will they all have to go under and reform as GFC? (GM,Ford, Chrysler) If so, how about a Chevy truck with a Cummings Diesel engine and the GM Alison transmission on the Ford frame? I would buy one in a second.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'll try to get back into the flow this week.

Oh, still no sign of my magic unicorn from The Chosen One.....

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