Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not a peep out of the Democrats about corruption these days.

Seems odd does it not, those who were screaming loudest about Republican corruption seem to have lost their voices lately? Hmmm....

If anyone out there is shocked about the staggering level of corruption in Illinois politics, you must be a newbie to politics. Corruption has been turned from a vice to a refined art form in the Windy City.

Can anyone remember where President elect Obama started his political career? Oh yea, ground zero for dirty politics, the south side of Chicago. It would seem that Barack Obama has kept his hands pretty clean over the years, staying just far enough away from criminals like Tony Rezko to get a few sweet deals, but no close enough to get burned. Now it's his friend, Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Look, I know that Republicans in Congress have had an abysmal record of cleaning house when it comes to scandalous members, it was an anchor around the neck of the GOP in the 2006 election. It is a fundamental attitude that has to change in order to win back the base as well as swing voters. Stand up and do what is right, even if costs you political power. It seems Republicans are learning their lessons these days, but I don't know how you could keep a straight face and tell me the Democrats are not hip deep in corrupt politicians.

From Democratic Representative, Charlie Rangle and his tax evasion scandal, and Representative William Jefferson and his cold cash, to Democratic senator Chris Dodd and his sweetheart mortgage deal while serving on the Senate Banking Committee and now Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich and a bunch of top Illinois dems are getting frog walked downtown for trying to sell Obama's soon to be vacant Senate seat.

The greatest irony in the whole Illinois scandal is the Federal Prosecutor who is slapping the cuffs on these Democratic big wigs is none other than Patric Fitzgerald, the same guy the dems praised for his 'non-political' prosecution of Scooter Libby.

I wonder when they will start calling this a Republican witch hunt?

Stay tuned....

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Ericosborneo said...

I agree - why we don't hear a lot of bellyaching about corruption when its a democrat is because their party has no real scruples. It's all about power to them. They don't care about corruption - it's how they stayed in power for 40+ years prior to the Reagan Revolution. I refuse to be a democrat because I refuse to be associated with a party that will lie and break any promise in order to keep in power. They are the worst of the worst at it - not that other parties and politicians are perfectly virtuous either. But the hypocrisy of Pelosi and Reid stinks SO bad it is pathetic. IF only our fellow citizens weren't so dimwitted about it and forgot it so quickly! Here's an old joke, "How can you tell when a democrat is lying?" "His mouth is moving." Nuff said - sorry - but I calls it like I sees it.