Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sauce for goose

I have been on a roll lately with my depiction of Obama supporters as dreamy-eyed when it comes to their view of the President elect, and their delusional hatred of George W. Bush. I thought it might be a good time to look at the other side of the political spectrum.

If I get another email about Barack Obama being a closet Muslim, or his not being born in Hawaii, and therefore not eligible to hold the office of President, I will kick one my cats. (not really, but I will think about it....) We lost, they won, get over it and start working towards 2010.

While I think in terms of sheer numbers, the amount of nutty folks on the left dwarfs those on the right, the depth of nuttiness and passion are about equal.

The latest craziness from both sides in on display right now with President elect Obama asking Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. The gay rights activists are outraged because of Warren's public stand in support of the recently passed proposition 8. In their minds, Obama has betrayed them. They are livid.

Not to be outdone, the far right wing of evangelicals is upset with Warren for accepting the invitation. The idea of having Warren asking for God's blessing on the new President seems almost sacrilege for those who are bitterly opposed to Obama's stance on abortion, especially his stand on partial-birth abortion.

I believe Rick Warren to be a wonderful person and someone whose compassion for the poor, the afflicted and even those with whom he disagrees is a model for the rest of us. President elect Obama will be the head of state for the next four years. Wanting somehow to withhold God's blessing on him, as if we have the power to do so, is not only petty and selfish but also downright unchristian.

Look, I am hoping and yes, even praying for our new President to be successful. I will however point out when he is wrong and if he fails to live up to his promises. I will be the loyal opposition. Giving praise where praise is due and opposing with all my efforts the policies that I feel will lead to ruin. Irrational hatred on the right is just as foolish and dangerous as the irrational hated that shown to President Bush over the past eight years. An eye for and eye or a payback mentality will not make our nation stronger, rather it will tear it apart.

The only thing worse than Bush haters would hypocritical Obama haters.


Jackpot said...

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fishface said...

Great post. Totally agree!

Palerider said...

When I read thing like these I think you may grow up someday after all maybe, just maybe stop confusing the GOP platform with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Only time will tell.

God Bless you regardless,

Yolo Cowboy said...

I'm all grown up. I am a Christian first, married second, a father third, conservative fourth and a Republican somewhere after being a pretty fair hand with horse.

Why don't you start a blog Palerider?