Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Speaking of the budget

I have been reading newspaper editorials over the past few weeks, my local paper included, and have come to one inescapable conclusion. Editorial writers are full of,,, beans.

Take my local paper, the Daily Democrat. It reprinted the San Jose Merc's editorial complaining about the State's new budget, or lack thereof. So what is the problem? According to the big brains at the SJMN, the Republican won't raise taxes. It's enough to make you wonder if these editorial rooms should apply for their own medicinal marijuana license.

The state did not get into this mess by years of declining revenues, it has been steadily overspending by billions of dollars each year. It's the spending stupid. Let me say that again so there can be no misunderstanding. IT'S THE SPENDING STUPID!

So what proof do I have that democrats in the legislature are to blame for all the red ink? Here are the numbers, take a look for yourself. Thanks to Tom Del Baccaro for the chart.If the Democrats, who control both houses in the legislature, would only send a budget to the Governor spending the exact amount they spent just two short years ago, presto, budget balanced. You remember the 2006 right? Were we stepping over starving people in the streets? Did we have to ration food or gasoline because the state was out of money? No, we got along just fine.

Government is the only entity where fiscal responsibly means you never have to actually cut the amount of spending, you just cut the amount you were going to increase in spending. If you and I have to cut our spending when our revenue goes down, why is the legislature immune to this reality?

I have one more question; why don't the newspaper editors get this? Has anyone in the editorial room ever taken Econ 101? This is simple stuff, really. The bottom line is this; liberal editors are myopic in their view of politics and policy, raising taxes is good and cutting spending is bad.

I disagree. Spending other people's money to stay in the good graces of your political friends and contributors is bad, in fact, it's downright shameful.

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