Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the night

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land
We tried to find to solace, in the troubles at hand.

The markets in meltdown, our 401's toast
The Fed cuts the rates, but the banks are all closed.

The politicians all squabble, with the dems in command
The GOP had been routed, like Custer's last stand

When out in DC, there arose such a clatter?
I turned to CNN to see what was the matter.
Team Obama and Michelle were planning their ball
With buffed pecks and cute kids, he'd come to save us all

Now Nancy, now Harry
Now Levin and Waxman
On Murtha, on Rangle
On Dodd and on Clinton!

Raise all the taxes, and raise the capital gains
Tax it if it moves by truck or by trains
Spend all you want, spend a billion here and two there
We pay it back later, nobody will care

Shouldn't we save Mr. Presidnet? Shouldn't we try to be thrifty?
Who though hope and change meant top tax rates at fifty?
But I heard exclaim as he became leader of our land
Don't worry bout a thing folks, hope and change are at hand.


Palerider said...


You must of just rode in to this here rodeo. Why eight years ago that crafty Texan George Bush inherited a budget surplus and a rapidly diminishing national debt. After eight years of GOP rule the country is bankrupt and it all happened on your watch. Kinda like if I let you watch over my herd and when I came back the fences were all down, the watering hole was ruined and the cowhands were all drunk at the bunkhouse. Now why should I take your word on anything or trust your judgment given that you encouraged the whole stampede. Kin ya tell me that or is that just another form of corral cologne I'm a smellin'?

Yolo Cowboy said...

Palerider, not only have I been to this rodeo before, I've been paying attention and even bought the program. I love the way you guys pick and choose you facts.
Rapidly diminishing debt of Bill Clinton's administration? Really?

So I guess you wouldn't give any credit to the Republican controlled congress during six of those eight years? No? If anyone fought for spending cuts from 94-2000, it was the GOP.

How about the fact that a rapid reduction of our armed forces is were most of the spending reductions came during those years. After the fall of the Soviet Union, President Clinton and Congress had a once in a generation chance to make double digit cuts in defense.

If you are looking for an apologist for the spending during the first six years of Bush's Presidency, you won't find one here. The past two years, your boys have been writing the budget. How's that been working out?

Rider, since you don't want anyone to know who you are, how about a little wager. If you think President Obama and a Democratic Congress are better at thrifty spending than the GOP, how about lunch at the Burger Barn in Esparto if Team Obama has a Trillion with a 'T', dollar deficit in it's first two years?