Monday, December 22, 2008

What I did over Christmas vacation.

Do you remember writing these essays back in grade school? Back in sixth grade I was not a writer, in fact I hated to write, anything. I was a talker. I could spend and hour telling you what I did over the Christmas vacation, if you wanted me to write it down, one paragraph or maybe two.

Now you can't get me to stop writing, and some of you have tried.

I had taken the next two days off with the hopes of getting caught it with some outdoor chores and possibly doing a little quad riding or shooting. Now with the bad weather, I am stuck indoors for the foreseeable future. My plans of outdoor bliss replaced with the not so bliss indoor activity of cleaning the house.

Things have been pretty crazy around casa de' cowboy and with all the parties, concerts, basketball games and other dates on the calendar, things have become cluttered and a bit messy. My wife is working these next two days and if I desire any type of peace on the home front I had better do something useful with my time. Somehow the idea of spending a few hours practicing with my bass guitar or refinishing the stock on my shotgun seem to hold little or no value with my wife. She obviously does not appreciate the finer things in life, bad amateur music, the joys of do it yourself gunsmithing, etc.

Better get off this computer and get to work, because as everyone knows, if mama ain't happy,,, well, you get the idea.

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