Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve service tonight in Woodland.

Just in case you moved into Yolo County recently or you don't attend church regularly, I would like to invite you to our Christmas Eve service at Bayside Woodland. Don't worry, the place won't fall down if you walk in the door, as one of my friends said, 'that school cost a lot of money, I don't want to cost the taxpayers any more money to rebuild it'. Trust me, if the place hasn't fallen down with me in it, you will be fine.

Everyone brags that their church is the best, and well they should. But I would put our worship team up against anyone in the area. Peter Neumann and the worship team bring a contemporary and energetic sound to the service. Pastor John Withem will make you laugh, make you tear up and make you think. Its church for people who don't like church. The music won't put you to sleep, your kids will enjoy it and you will hear the good news in a way that is relevant and real.

If you know where Pioneer High School is on Gibson Road across from Bel Air, your getting hot. We hold our services in the Cafeteria at PHS and tonight, the service is at 5:00.

See you there, in fact I will probably be at the door to greet you, I won't be wearing my hat so I may be tough to pick out.

( as I have said in the past, please don't hold any opinions of me against my church, I am an not a spokesperson, I am just a regular guy and a poor excuse of a Christian who happens to go to a great church.)

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