Monday, December 31, 2007

Dodge Charger with 22 inch rims?

Its nice to see our tax money being used in an appropriate manner. It seems Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata was carjacked at 1:45 AM Saturday and the carjacker made off with Perata's state leased 2006 Dodge Charger. A Dodge Charger with 22 inch rims? I thought all the democrats drove hybrids or bicycled to work, global warming is going to kill us all don't you know.

Now before I start in on the hypocrites under the dome, I will say that I ran into Assemblywoman Lois Wolk at a Starbucks in Davis last month and she was driving a Prius if memory serves with 'A 8' on the plate so I assume that is her State issued vehicle, she serves Assembly District 8.

It seems that there are some true believers in Sacramento, folks who walk the walk, or Wolk the Wolk as the case might be, and then there are the rest, those who stand in front of podiums and decry the damage being done to our planet by the burning of fossil fuels and then get into their V8 muscle cars and head home. They want you to drastically curb your use of energy, while they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to live a life more closely resembling Paris Hilton than the people they claims to represent. Maybe the carjacker just wanted a taste of the goodlife his elected official keeps promising him.

Makes you hope that California Proposition 93, the term limit initiative written to give two very powerful democrats, Don Perada and Fabien Nunez, a few more years in office, goes down to defeat.

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