Saturday, December 08, 2007


It seems what's on the minds of a lot of Americans these days is can Oprah do for Obama what she does for everything else she touches? When Oprah has an author on her show hawking a new book, that book will rocket up the bestseller charts like a Saturn 5 rocket. So will Barack see his poll numbers rise in the same manner?
Oprah and the Obamas." It sounds like a musical act, and there is indeed something of a rock-concert quality to Oprah Winfrey's three-state swing this weekend with Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.

It looks like it could be happening. It is hard to be sure how many people will show up at these rallies because they view it as a fun time or a chance to see Oprah, and how many will stay involved long enough to wade through a tough campaign season to emerge in November and cast a ballot for anyone.

I wonder why other entertainment super star endorsements don't carry as much weight as others? Didn't Sean Penn endorse Dennis Kucinich?

Oh yea, adored mega media mogul+ popular candidate= Front page news item.
Far left radical actor+ far left radical candidate= We better do another story on Jennifer Love Hewitt's butt.

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