Saturday, December 15, 2007

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has vaulted into the lead among Iowa Democrats polled this week.

So how many DEAN 08' yard signs were printed up that week with the absolute assurance that Dr. Dean would triumph in Iowa and go on to run away with the Democratic nomination?

I'll bet they are in thousands slowly decomposing in a Des Moines landfill. By the way, Dick Gephardt was second.

Someone in Barack Obama's campaign should assign a guy to follow the Senator around carrying a DEAN 08' campaign sign everywhere he goes.

The minute he starts listening to the assurances of victory from the small circle around him, blinded by their infatuation with the Junior Senator from Illinois, he has lost.

The political black bag types in Hillary's camp are putting the final edge on their long knives and will soon be carving up Barack just in time for the caucuses.

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