Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holly, the Christmas Goat

Ya know, some husbands have wives who bring home a new pair of $300 Italian shoes with a sheepish grin, knowing that their husbands are powerless to stop them.
Then there is my wife.

Many a time I have thanked the good Lord that my wife doesn't like to shop. She is a frugal woman, but not to the point where she goes crazy with budgeting every cent we spend or making fun an extra expense that we cannot afford, but she doesn't like to spend money on unnecessary things.

Before you congratulate me on having a wife who is not dead set on driving me into the poor house, there is a dark side to this woman. A devious and malicious side to her that comes out every so often. Tonight was one of those times.

No ridiculously expensive shoes or a new Lexus, something far worse.

A baby goat.

Holly to be exact, the hat is a finishing touch by my daughter. It seems when they found her out in the pasture today she was cold and near death, but my wife is very good at bringing back newborn critters from the brink. We, or she I should say, has raised more lambs, goat kids, calves and even a bobcat kitten and a fawn in our front room. I try to make sure they stay on the linoleum, but they always wind up in the sofa or in the kids room before too long.

Case in point, Holly has been in the house for two hours and she is comfy as can be under the blanket snuggled up to my wife on the couch.

She still is having a hard time trying to eat from the bottle but all seems well as of this report.
I am sure there will be loud crying goat noises tonight.

Maybe Italian shoes aren't so bad.

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Katie said...

I am so jealous!!! I want a Christmas goat! I can't wait until I graduate from nursing school. I am going to have a zoo!