Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Huckenator?

I like Mike Huckabee, he's is a down to earth guy who seems like a perfect choice if you needed someone to watch your house for a month while you are on vacation. I'm sure he would follow your instructions, feed the dogs and fish and not touch your liquor cabinet. However, Mike Huckabee as my President? I have my concerns.

Having looked at his record as Governor of Arkansas, he seems like another Republican Governor I know, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ok, stop laughing.

Both are Republicans that have/had democrats controlling the legislature while in office, and both love to spend money, taxpayer money that is. They seem to want an every increasing role for the government in all aspects of their constituent's life. What ever the problem is, more tax dollars must be the solution.

If you want a sneak peak at what America would look like under a Huckabee presidency with a democratic Congress, just wait a few months until California's budget crisis hits home. No matter how much money there is, both seem unable to stop the democrats from spending even more than they take in. The democrats will hide behind "healthcare for children" or 'programs for seniors', I mean, who isn't for that?

Revenue is not the problem folks, its spending. Five short years ago, the California State Budget was 76 billion, now its 103 billion. When the housing bubble was building and people were using their houses like ATM machines, pulling money out with re financing deals every year, the State was flush with revenue. Did Schwarzenegger tell the legislature that the State cannot depend on every increasing property tax revenue to pay for all the extra spending they wanted? No, he wanted to spend that money on his pet projects too. By June we will be facing somewhere around a 14 billion dollar deficit.

I can't wait to see the 'compromise' Arnold and the democrats comes up with. How much of a tax hike does Arnold think Californians will swallow? He will blame it on the democrats, just like Huckabee did, and the end result will be higher taxes, minor spending cuts and promises to keep future spending in check.

I have already seen this movie, I didn't like it the first time.

I get the feeling that President Huckabee would be a financial disaster for America. He can tout that he balanced the budget every year as governor, big deal. Like California, the State constitution forbids running a deficit. States can't print their own money like the feds can. Under Huckabee, State spending went up 63% from 1996 to 2004. Fiscal conservative? Not hardly.

As much as I like Governor Huckabee as a person, we need two things, make that three, from our next President. First a real grasp on the threat posed by Islamic fanatics on the United States. Second, understanding the threat posed by earmarks and run away spending on the future of our nation's children. True immigration reform with an emphasis on border security is also critical.

Just by looking at his website, it looks like he has a plan for immigration, but he puts the war on Islamic Fascism number 11 and taxes/economy as 7th. I'm sorry, but I don't think arts and education should rank higher than the war on terror and the economy.

Maybe I'm all wet on Mike, you can straighten me out if you would like. Where has Mike Huckabee shown the bulldog toughness to stand up to the democrats who would like to spend us into oblivion?

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Mike Daley said...

I'll admit there are a lot of unknowns on the
West Coast in regard to Huckabee, but the short answer on taxes and fiscal issues, AR really needed some increase in taxes. As much as some fiscal conservatives hate to admit it, but sometimes you have to spend to fix things that are broke. I am sure that if you put off spending around your ranch, in the end it will be much worse.

On the positive, please take the time to research the FairTax plan Huckabee is supporting. Much of the gripe I've heard in the state is that many taxes are hidden, and if the people would know what they are really being charged, it would hold the government more accountable. The FairTax does exactly that.