Monday, February 18, 2008

Capay Valley Almond Blossom Festival, you have to be there

The last Sunday in February is when all the small towns up and down the Capay Valley get together to hold the annual Almond Blossom Festival. The Almond Blossom Queen has been selected and everyone is getting ready for the event.

It looks to be a nice day this Sunday although the blossoms are a little late this year. Check out the list of events at the Esparto Chamber's website and make your plans to come up and spend the day. Don't eat at the local fast food place on the way either, there is great food everywhere. A drive up hamburger is no match for a tri tip sandwich at the Esparto Fire Hall, or the BBQ to raise money for MS research at the Capay Junction or grilled Oysters at the Capay Valley Fire House in Guinda, or for the BBQ ribs and the live band up in Rumsey. If you get there early there is always a local favorite, the pancake breakfast at Esparto High School right on main street. If you're coming in through Woodland there is another pancake breakfast just as you go out of town at the Eagle's Hall. Boy Scouts make good pancakes.

Bring your Harley, bring your classic car to the car show, or just drive through the valley and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But you know you are going stop for Kettle Corn, just admit it.


Yolo Cowboy said...

Update! Now it looks like rain on Sunday.

Oh well, you won't melt.

Yolo Cowboy said...

Second Update, the Almond Festival has been postponed one week because of the terrible storm.