Saturday, February 02, 2008

8:40 AM, lets go see a movie!

Or not.

For everyone who has a pre-teen girl, you know all about Hannah Montana. She is everywhere, TV, radio, and now on the big screen, in 3D no less. Our daughter loves her and in a stroke of marketing genius, her new concert movie is being released for one week only. Just in case you are wondering, all the shows this weekend are sold out within a fifty mile radius of our house with the exception of 9:59 PM and 8:40 AM.

My wife, without the proper homework on the phenomenon that is Hannah, promised to take our daughter to see the movie. She is leaving the house right now to head down to Fairfield theater.

8:40 AM to watch a movie? My wife is not generally a pushover, she doesn't usually get caught up in fads and when Hannah went on tour she was not about to spend over fifty dollars to take our daughter. That wasn't a problem, tickets to Hannah's concert were being sold for two to three hundred dollars in the paper and on eBay. Sorry kid, Hannah isn't that important.

While my wife is in such an accommodating mood I think I will ask her about going hunting in Colorado this fall. Hey, she might just say yes.
Or not.

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