Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yolo County politics is going to be very interesting this year.

I opened the paper today to find, well actually I didn't open the paper, I just can't make myself pay folding money for a newspaper that shows up at my house around 11:00 am, I opened the homepage of the Daily Democrat, I read Woodland's Mayor Dave Flory is not going to run for City Council. That will shake things up a bit.

With Prop 93 going down to defeat in the November election, it set in motion many events as the 'office seeking two-step' kicks into high gear. Senators running for Assembly, Assemblymen and women running for Senate, mayors running for Assembly, County Supervisors running for Assembly, County Supervisors wanting judgeships, it makes my head hurt just thinking of it all.

I will keep watching the Yolo County Elections page to see who has filed papers to run for which office.

Interesting indeed.

PS, if you are so inclined, Matt Rexroad's family could use a few prayers.

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