Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lincoln / Reagan Dinner 2008

The Yolo County Republican Party held it's annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner tonight at the Hotel Woodland. The dinner was wonderful as well as the silent auction, but when you have a group of republicans get together, you had better believe that the talk will turn to politics and it will be spirited and inspiring. I had the chance to speak with Doug LaMalfa and two of the men who are running to take over his seat when Doug is termed out this fall, Charlie Schaupp and Jim Neilsen. It will be an interesting race to be sure. Greg Aghazarian was on hand as well as John W Jones and a few more I am sure I missed. Oh, and a table full of Davis College Republicans, great to have you here!

Greg Aghazarain, Doug LaMalfa and Tom Del Baccaro

While many local candidates for office spoke to the crowd of 100, the featured speaker of the evening was Tom Del Baccaro, the Vice Chair of the California Republican Party. Tom is also the man behind the Political Vanguard website and the author of The New Conservative Paradigm.

If you have not had the chance to hear him, Del Baccaro is wonderful speaker. Not only does he speak with conviction about the issues we as republicans hold dear, he speaks about the ideas all Americans care about. Having heard my share of political speeches, I always ask two question when the speaker has finished. First, did I learn anything new and important, and secondly, did I feel that the speaker was talking from his heart?

Tonight, Del Baccaro kept coming back to the 1976 election, where many republicans who were pulling for Reagan stayed home on election day because they were not all too thrilled with Gerald Ford. What did that get us? James Earl Carter, along with double digit inflation, 21% mortgage rates and a rudderless foreign policy. Tom's point hit home with me. McCain isn't my guy, he's not even my second choice, but he is far and away a better choice for President than Barack Obama. He finished with this question, what will we do, we as republicans? Will we stay at home because John McCain isn't all we want in a candidate or will we look past our differences in policies to keep a slick talking guy selling false hope out of the White House?

An honest question, and one we had better figure out quickly. If you are a Huckabee supporter, keep on believing, but be ready to throw in with McCain when your guy is out of the race. For all you Romney folks, Giuliani folks, FredHeads, and you Ron Paul supporters, who are thinking about sitting this election out, ask yourself this. Did I 'get back' at the country for not supporting my guy and staying home, or did I 'teach my party a lesson' by sitting this election out?

Let me answer that one for you. No, you didn't.

You gave us three new Supreme Court Justices nominated by Barack Obama and confirmed by Harry Reid.
(the sound of me stepping down off my soapbox)

This year's dinner was another success thanks to all of the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make it happen. Great job, and we will see you next year.

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