Thursday, August 11, 2005

Slow news periods make me nervous.

I remember back to early September, 2001 and recall the stories the legacy media was reporting during a very slow news cycle.
Chandra Leavy and Gary Condit.

On 9/11 America was shaken awake by the real world, where real people want to kill us really bad.

As I look at the attention the NARAL add has caused, the media frenzy over the Code Pink Mom down in Texas, I conclude that Americans as a people have the attention span of a three year old child. The war against the wahabist, who would like nothing better than to saw your mother's head off with a rusty knife, that's old news. We want more back to back, live coverage of Natalie Holloway and the run-away bride doing her community service.

Right now, as you browse the internet in you underwear, soldiers are patrolling the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are living day to day, minute by minute, serving our nation in harm's way.

Let's keep our eye on the ball. If I wake up in the morning and watch as New York or L.A. is under a terrorist attack, Cindy Sheehan will not receive another column inch of newsprint. The reporters covering Natalie Holloway, sucking down rum and Cokes on expense accounts in Aruba will be on the next plane home.

We should think about that when we stop by Starbucks tomorrow morning to get a venti latte' and a maple oat scone.


Erik said...

Would not "keeping our eye on the ball" involve Afghanistan and Pakistan instead of Iraq?

McGehee said...

Only if you think there were terrorists everywhere else in the Middle East, but not in Iraq.

So I guess the terrorist training camp Salman Pak didn't really exist, and Abu Nidal wasn't really killed in Baghdad?

It's a war on terrorism, Erik, not exclusively on Osama bin Laden.

Erik said...

We invaded Iraq to arrest Abu Nidal and disband and anti--Ba'athist terrorist group? $200 million and 2000 American lives and 15-20,000 iraqi lives for that?

We've lost 220 and spent a fraction of the $ in Afghanistan ... seems out of proportion to me.