Friday, August 26, 2005

We support the troops- that is a load of Bravo. Sierra.

I would love to arrange a meeting between 'Luke' and Matthew Heidt from Froggy Ruminations, as long as I get the pay-per-view rights to the meeting.

How utterly and shamefully disingenuous and repugnant can a 'man' be? The only closely analogous situation to this that I can come with would be to evict a woman from her home the week she had twins, tow her car, and call child protective services to report her for putting her babies out on the street ..while laughing at her. That is the kind of sinister motivation at work here. Luke hates the troops more than anything in this world besides George Bush. His cowardice is assaulted and magnified every day when he wakes up to realize that he doesn't have the courage to fight for a dryer at the Laundromat let alone to defend his family and friends from those that would harm them (that is if his patchouli stinkin' a$$ ever does laundry

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