Monday, November 19, 2007

Building a new home in Yolo County?

You had better sit in on this.

People who are architects, engineers, designers, contractors, or others who perform work subject to building codes within the state should be aware that the new building code, based on 2006 International Building Code, is significantly different from the 1997 Uniform Building Code.

Each training session will focus on the transition to the 2006 International Building Code non-structural provisions, known also as the 2007 California Building Code.

As the new 2006 IBC goes into effect, homeowners might be caught in a very bad place, between an inspector who is just learning the new code and a contractor who has been building houses for years and doesn't think the new code will be any different. You might be spending lots of your hard earned money and precious time dealing with 'gray areas'.

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