Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why politicians suck.

If I knew what Hillary Clinton stood for, I am sure I would oppose it. The problem is, I can't tell what she is for and what she is against. Maybe I'm not smart enough to recognize the nuanced and subtle differences the Junior Senator from New York uses when answering a yes or no question.

If this was just a problem found in a single politician, that would be one thing, but the problem is epidemic among politicians. Both Republicans and Democrats seem to be infected. No matter what office you are campaigning for, from school board to President of the United States, you will have paid consultants and campaign managers telling you what not to say.

Every so often, someone breaks from that strategy to tell the people what he or she truly believes. If that person has enough personal character and reputation behind them, they can pull it off. Those folks are few and far between.

Wouldn't it have been great for Senator Clinton to answer the drivers licenses for illegal aliens this way?

"Tim, I support giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens because New York state law says that when you receive your drivers license you are handed a voter registration card, its the law. That would be great for me and the Democratic party Tim, just Imagine 500,000 new voters who were just given an official government issued ID and driver license by a Democratic Governor, who do you think they will vote for Tim?"

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RedHawk said...

Yeah, instead she comes out the day after the debate in support of driver's licenses for illegals...or by that practice, making ALL NY drivers licenses automatically invalid forms of identification. So she supports the state (and since when is she a federalist?) in the practice of willful obstruction of federal law and impeding any attempts the government makes to protect us here at home.