Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Islam, the peaceful, tollorent, religion strikes again.

You know, every time a not so bright, or just plain crazy 'Christian' says or does something stupid or violent in the name of 'Christianity', I am the first one to say he's an idiot and a terrible example to those in need of grace and forgiveness.

But that is just who I am. I do not hold back any satire or anger because the person saying or doing something stupid calls him or herself a Christian.

But where is the outrage at the parade of honor killings, beating and jailing female rape victims, rioting and murder in response to publishing cartoons in a newspaper, and now a British teacher is in jail and facing 40 lashes for the terrible crime of...

wait for it....

Allowing one of her seven year old students to name his Teddy Bear 'Mohamed'.

I can't wait for CAIR to trot out some dolt to explain how naming a child's toy, after the child's own name mind you, constitutes an offense worthy of imprisonment and 40 lashes.

The good news is the offending bear has been seized by the Sudanese authorities, no word on if the bear will undergo any punishment.

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