Monday, November 12, 2007

Woodland's own Dustin Pedroia wins Rookie of the Year

Atta pepper! as they say in Boston. I am actually not certain they say that in Boston, but one of the guys I used work with said it all the time and he was a chowder head.

Anyway you slice it, Dustin Perdoia is hotter than two rats (makin' sweet love) in a wool sock. (that was another colorful metaphor he used, I had to clean it up, but it works)

Pedroia ran away with the AL Rookie of the Year award today.

I hope Dustin keeps scrapping and playing full speed ahead. That's how he made it to show and that is how he helped his team to a World Series sweep.

Way to go Dustin, if you ever thought about doing a short interview with a regular joe who would love to know what its like to be a regular joe who happens to be hotter than the two rodents mentioned above, shoot me an email.
( You never know unless you ask, right?)

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