Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why don't we have egg hunts on Thanksgiving?

Good question, glad I brought it up.

I know that one of the main reasons we have an Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts is the mixing of two traditions, one secular, the spring equinox celebration, and one religious, the celebration of Christ's resurrection on the third day after his crucifixion. While spring is the time for baby rabbits and chicks and all thing cute and cuddly, every one associates birds, usually turkeys or geese with Thanksgiving. Why not have a Thanksgiving egg hunt?

Dye them with the colors of the NFL teams playing that year, or just go with Blue and Silver, Dallas and Detroit host Thanksgiving games every year.

You may need a character to hide the eggs like the Easter Bunny does, so how about The Thanksgiving Wampanoag. I know that doesn't roll off the tongue like Easter Bunny, but I'm open to suggestions. You could go with the 'The Turkey Day Puritan Separatist' but that is quite long as well. What about 'The Thanksgiving Turkey', now thats a winner. It makes sense, a bird hiding eggs, and they can look cute if you use the right turkey suit. I am not sure how the little ones will feel about waking up Thanksgiving morning to find eggs hidden by a turkey that they will be eating that afternoon, I may have to work out a few kinks on this one.

Besides, its cold on Thanksgiving morning and I like to sleep in and watch the Macy's Parade in bed. You know what? Scratch the whole idea, I'm sorry I brought it up.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, try to realize how truly blessed you are, compared to most on this planet and try not be too upset by the one relative at the house today who really knows how to push your buttons.

Cold turkey sandwiches on dinner rolls with little mayo and a glass of cold milk taste better than what ever they are serving at County jail after you slug you uncle Marty in the nose.

Thankfully yours,
The Yolo Cowboy

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