Friday, November 09, 2007

Lions for Lambs - soon to be in the 5.99 DVD bin at Wal-Mart?

I was not planning on spending $1o to see what I was sure would be 90 minutes of dialogue written by , and it seems I made a wise decision.

I was saying to myself not 10 minutes in "Shoot me please for taking these tickets." This was not entertaining and actually kind of pissed me off. The tickets were free, but they came at the price of boredom and an assualt on my intelligence and patriotism.
If you hate America this is a movie for you. I wouldn't watch this again, even when it comes on TBS years from now.

There are so many heroic stories from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, why does Hollywood want to keep remaking PlatoonII?

In five, or ten years, we will start to hear the stories coming out of this war, not all will be positive. There will be people who have been changed forever by what they saw, some will deal with those emotions in different ways and some will need our help with fitting back into society. We owe them that, and much, much more.

There will also many stories of heroism, and bravery beyond our comprehension. I hope that the stories of everyday soldiers doing the impossible, when many at home were telling them they had already lost, will not take 50 years to make it onto the silver screen.

Where is the 'Saving Private Ryan' for this generation, and this war?

Those stories are out there, the people who lived through them might not be willing to tell them just yet. When I have sat down with veterans, some of them don't want to relive those terrible events. Those memories are too private, too emotional to bring up. I just hope they find a way to do so. I also hope someone out there will set aside their personal politics and tell a great story that people deserve to hear.

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