Saturday, November 24, 2007

Game feed at Pine Flats

Just when I thought it was safe to try and cinch my belt back to where it was before Thanksgiving, the family and I went to a picnic and game feed up the Capay Valley. Everyone brings game meat that they harvested this past year and what a spread it was. Oh my goodness, wild pig sausage, deer meat, fries potatoes, sawmill gravy and a table full of deserts.

I am stuffed tighter than Britney's outfit from the MTV awards show.

I love getting out in the country and spend time with our friends. Today was a particularly good time to do just that. The setting is beneath a grove of pines and oaks a few miles off the beaten path. About twenty pickups and suvs parked under the trees. While the kids played and rode atvs around the camp, the adults talked and swapped stories. Our kids played with a friend's new terrier puppy and my wife and I caught up on old times with our friends.

Before the sun went down the wood was piled up and soon a circle of chairs surrounded the campfire. I don't know why, the food tastes better when you are sitting around a campfire with good friends.

Today was one of those simple yet wonderful days that happen every so often and you can let them rush by unappreciated, or you can take a minute to try and remember the smell of the campfire, the image of the kids roasting marshmallows and the sweet sound of your wife laughing.

Yep, today was a good one.

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