Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did you watch the YouTube Republican Debate tonight?

I didn't. I had my small group Bible study that I lead on Wednesday night and to tell you the truth, I probably couldn't have sat through questions from stuffed animals being asked to the potential leader of the free world. I guess a Hillary operative planted a question in the debate about gay soldiers, but hey it is CNN after all. I'm surprised Anderson Cooper didn't have a live feed from Hugo Chavez asking why Republicans are so evil.

If you want a funny presidential debate, Saturday Night Live is still running right?

Do you know who I want to moderate the next Republican Presidential Debate?

My friend Stig.

Yes his name is Stig, he lives up in Northern California and when he isn't doing day work as a cowboy he is packing his string of mules and horses into the back country. He doesn't follow politics very closely, but he served in the Army and he knows what he wants from his government and he has zero tolerance for BS of any kind.

A typical question from Stig would be as follows;

Why the hell do we spend all that money on office buildings full of government employees pushing paper from one stack to the other and I can't get anyone to fix the potholes on the highway?

Thats a great question, first let me say that you should have your roads fixed, but there is a real need for government in our nation, the jobs that those government employees do is vital to delivering services to the puplic by way of ..

Hey, I asked you a question. The problem is holes in the damn road, The folks who fix them holes say they don't have any money to do it, but instead you pay money to a bunch of people who used to eat paste when they went to elementary school, to write, sign, stamp and file a bunch of worthless papers down in some cubicle prairie, office building.

Stig, its alright if I call you Stig?


Stig, those folks do a job that needs to be done, maybe those people who work in that office are busy filing the budget appropriations to get the federal highway funds.....

The only job I want the federal government to do is to protect our nation, deliver the mail, fix my road and otherwise stay the hell out of my life.

The next question is why in the name of John Wayne is that S.O.B. Osama Bin Laden still breathin' my air?

You get my point. Real questions from someone who might just stomp a gravy hole in your forehead if you don't answer his question.

Somehow, Anderson Cooper doesn't seem to have that kind of presence when he's moderating a debate. But he does have great hair.

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