Monday, November 05, 2007

Why not just throw your money into a blender with some Bisquick and make waffles?

I find it hard to believe that 22,000 Americans gave Ron Paul 3.5 million dollars today. I am pretty sure that will be the high water mark of his candidacy, but 3.5 million is a good bit of cash for someone who is polling at 3.5% in just one state. He is doesn't even make the top five nationally.

So all you Ron Paul supporters, all 22,000 of you, rejoice and know that today you have struck a blow to the heart of injustice and warmongering, and you struck the bell of liberty to free the American people from the enslavement of the noecons.....

Or you just blew all you money on shiny yard signs and bumper stickers that will be in trashcans across the country on January 6th after super duper Tuesday.

C'mon, give that money to your church or a homeless center or at least run it through the shredder and spread it around the attic to increase the R-value of you home insulation. But giving it to Ron Paul?


gembry said...

Let me see, we have Giuliani, Romney, McCain & Thompson. So, the better choice would be?

Ron Paul is the only choice for America. The others are globalist stooges.

Give me a break.

jratzsch said...

well.. I don't think I've ever seen a real politician until I saw Ron Paul. Thats why I donated to him. I think his message is great.

McGehee said...

I suspect someone is gaming things to try to make his support look bigger than it is. There may be enough money among anti-war Republicans to explain this, but only if they're of the "soon parted" school of money management.

Which, I suppose the phrase "anti-war Republican" would kind of imply that, wouldn't it?

Yolo Cowboy said...

If you want to know just how crackers the Ron Paul crowd is, just check out the reason they picked November 5th for their mass contribution day. Ever heard of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the British Parliament building 1605?

How about "V" for Vendetta?

Talk about lunatics out for a stroll. Some of these guys are as bad as the 9/11 truthers.

Never mind the terrorist who want to cut your throats and hack your head off with a rusty kitchen knife, you should be more afraid of Dick Chaney and Haliburton.

If your big into conspiracies and tinfoil hats, Ron Paul is your man.

gembry said...

I donated $100 bucks to Ron Paul.

In regards to the "Nov. 5th" date it's called a gimmick. Something that would have failed for any other candidate but Dr. Paul.

Go ahead and listen to the fear message coming from the administration... be afraid of the "terrorists". I would rather have liberty, freedom & less government.

Call me crazy for wanting to actually follow the Constitution.

RedHawk said...

Ron Paul is definitely a few sandwiches shy of a picnic! Can you say Looney Toon?!