Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bill Clinton, former President, - a small, mean man

One thing about the Clintons, if you want to see their true colors, watch them when things don't go their way. With the prospect of his wife's candidacy going into the toilet to a young upstart who in his opinion has not put in the time and work necessary to become chief executive, the former President is having a tantrum. President Clinton wants back at the table of power in the worst possible way. He is not comfortable without the spotlight and without feeling completely essential to the well being of this great land. That folks is not good news for the junior Senator from New York.

If Hillary doesn't put a muzzle on her husband, she risks loosing all the good will from her tear jerking, emotional couch session that jumped started her candidacy back in New Hampshire. Its hard to be seen as a caring, warm woman when you send your husband out to do your campaign's dirty work all the while hiding behind his former status as President.

If you ever wondered what the real Bill Clinton was like behind the scenes, take a look at the former President's behavior the past two weeks. Without his handlers to save him from himself, he looks the part of a petty, small and mean spirited man. In this case, looks are not deceiving.

I'll bet Hillary's campaign managers are secretly hoping for some sort of natural disaster to strike Tierra del Fuego or some other remote place so the former President can go back to hanging out with George HW Bush and raising money to help the victims.

Bill Clinton seems quite good at that. Political heavy? Not so much.

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