Sunday, January 13, 2008

How bout them Cowboys?

Or not.
What a game. I was is in a full non-gloating mode all week with the Giants game coming up this Sunday. I had zero faith in the Boys this week, or the past few weeks for that matter. I'm sure you will hear about Tony Romo and his off-week trip with Jessica Simpson down to Mexico and how he should have kept his focus on football, I don't think his trip south of the border hurt his game today by any means. The series where he was sacked by not throwing it away and then throwing it out of bounds while in the pocket and taking a intentional grounding penalty was a bad series and his only dumb plays of the game, but you cannot lay the blame for this loss on the quarterback alone.

If anything, the whole darn team should have a session on focus, missed tackles, penalties on the offensive line, late hits, not getting the plays into the huddle on time, just a plain lack of focus. That my friends is laid squarely at the feet of Wade Phillips and his coaching staff. Phillips seems like a nice guy and the word around the league is that he's a player's coach. How many nice guy, player's coaches win championships? Not many.

After having a tyrant like Parcells as coach, it sure seems like the Cowboys are lax and a little too laid back to win when the going gets rough. You can't let dropped passes, false starts and terrible tackling form go unpunished. One is a mistake, two is a trend and three is a habit. If you need to sit some players to get that message across, sit them, if you need to get into a players face at practice so you don't have to do it during the game, then you need to do it.

Xs and Os are one part of the game, accepting poor performance on a regular basis is telling people that we really don't care about the details, and that folks is what separates playoff teams from Superbowl champions, and good coaches from great coaches.

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Some Kind Of Monster said...

"but you cannot lay the blame for this loss on the quarterback alone."

Yes you can. Tony Romo sucks.