Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its McCain in Florida

Let me contain my enthusiasm, ok, its contained.
The more I think of John McCain as our nominee I shudder.
I know all the reasons I should get behind him, and I will if he is the nominee, but here are some of the reasons I can't get exited about the Maverick from Arizona.

McCain/Fiengold, a terrible idea, a terrible law.

McCain/Kennedy, call it by any name you like, but its amnesty.

The gang of 14, we had the majority and could have ended the filibusters to get qualifies judges and up or down vote in the Senate. Thanks John.

Voted twice against the Bush tax cuts. Twice.

Global Warming "I will clean up the planet," McCain said. "I will make global warming a priority." How Senator? China and India will soon overtake the US in oil consumption and are already the worlds leading polluters, how is strangling American bussines in regulation going to stop China and India's pollution?

Those are just a few of the reasons I can't get exited about Senator John "but I'll build the G@! D^*&$# fence if they want it" McCain.

Our only hope is Hillary, if its Obama, the Republicans are toast.

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McGehee said...

Actually, I think Hillary will chew McCain up and spit him out.