Friday, January 18, 2008

Vote for Huckabee in South Carolina?

The old saying about politics and strange bedfellows takes a new turn in South Carolina as the Thomson and Romney supporters may just vote for Huckabee to deny a victory to John McCain.

I don't like this strategy at all. If you can't win with your ideas, you can't win. Name recognition and having the MSM in your corner never hurts in McCains case but the Republican party wins by having better ideas than their opponents.

I am not a McCain supporter, he is wrong on too many issues, and by wrong I mean way wrong. He gets the war against radical Islam right and that would make me vote for him against either Obama or Clinton, but he is tied for my third choice in the GOP. I like Romney then Rudy followed by McCain/Huckabee. I really like Fred but unless he pulls off the stunner of the campaign season this weekend, he's dead as disco.

If McCain gets the GOP nomination the base will not walk precincts or write checks, they may vote for him if they think it will be close on election day just to keep a Democrat out of the White House, but I can see Bob Dole vs Bill Clinton II if McCain goes up against Barack Obama in November.

An honorable older man, way past his prime against a young man full of energy and preaching populism.

Final score;
Populism 2 - Honor 0

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