Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire hates black people

Not only does New Hampshire hate Jesus, it seems the Granite State is not to fond of black people either. I swear, I'm not making this up. I hope I can find the link on Youtube soon.

I was flipping through tonights coverage of the NH primary and stopped by MSNBC. Why I don't know, but the panel was Keith Olbermann, Tim Russert and Chris Mathews. Mathews was opining on why the polls were wrong, he said there should be some kind of inquiry made on why the polls were wrong. Some other 'factor' was at play that made the voters break for Clinton and away from Obama. He said that the pollsters speak in proper english or politically correct english, and people tend to give politically correct answers. He wondered if someone with an 'Archie Bunker' voice came on the phone and asked who they were going to vote for, they would get a more honest answer.

What are you trying to say Chris? New Hampshire voters told pollsters that they would vote for Obama, but secretly they won't vote for a black man?

That's sure what it sounded like to me. Mathews can't get over the fact that Barack didn't win, there must be a reason why, that reason must be racism.

Way to go Chris, it couldn't be the emotion shown by Hillary in the past day or so, or Bill's angry smackdown of Barack's record of non accomplishments, it must be racism.

This is just the first of many times the false flag of racism will be hoisted by the MSM when their candidate doesn't win.

I would like to hear someone call Chris Mathews on the carpet for this.

He then asked Tim Russert if he agreed and Russert looked like someone shot his dog, then Russert smiled and said that the Des Moines Register was dead on and so it must be something else. It sure seemed like Tim was trying to yank Mathews foot out of his mouth.

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