Thursday, January 10, 2008

John Doolittle retires

Its about time, or I should say its well past time for the Congressman to head back to the private sector.

Doolittle, 57, came close to losing re-election in 2006 in one of the most conservative districts in California, and some in his own party believed he couldn't survive this time around.

Doolittle made no reference to his legal troubles in a prepared statement, instead issuing something of a call to arms to fellow conservatives.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity pending a public announcement in Doolittle's Northern California district.

The development comes as Doolittle, in his ninth term, faced growing political pressure from fellow Republicans who considered him a liability because of his involvement, along with his wife, Julie, in the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling investigation. House Republicans, still smarting from losing control of Congress in 2006, are eager to put that ethics taint behind them.

One more millstone removed from the the neck of the GOP.

I hope this leads to a general house cleaning, from the top down in Washington.

Scandals, earmarks, sexual impropriety, I don't need to go on do I?

Larry Craig, are you listening. Take your wide stance back to Idaho and make room for someone who won't be the butt of late night jokes from now until November.

Folks, if we don't start looking for and voting for fresh new faces in the GOP, we are going to be on the outside looking for a long time.

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